GuestXR engages with Barcelona’s VR local community

The EventLAB of the University of Barcelona has organised on November 15th a local stakeholder event targeted to Catalan researchers and students interested in finding out the possibilities and potential of Extended Reality (XR).

The event, consisting on an Open Afternoon at the EventLAB to showcase the research done within the lab and latest developments in VR, included a presentation on the GuestXR project and a showcase of four VR demos, including a first concept proposal of the project’s use case on the employment of VR for conflict resolution. In this use case project partners aim to bring members of two sides together for acquaintance and building mutual trust, and thus, shifting their attitudes from competitive orientations to cooperative orientation for a final conflict mediation.

The session was hosted by partners from EventLAB Mel Slater, Investigator and Co-director and GuestXR Technical Coordinator; Ramon Oliva, Postdoctoral Researcher and Esen Kücüktütüncü, PhD student.

The event served at raising the awareness on GuestXR project and research activities with Barcelona’s local VR community, whilst learning from the recommendations from the potential end-users and members of the scientific community to accelerate the new technology take-up.