Partners from Maastricht University run a local symposium on body perception

Prof. Beatrice de Gelder, project partner from Maastricht University, organised through the Brain and Emotion laboratory the symposium “How body relevance drives brain organization” on June 14th, 2023.

The event, where GuestXR research was presented, featured discussions on the topic of body perception from many different perspectives.

Prof. Sonja Kotz, Prof. Hans Op de Beeck, and Dr. Marius Peelen discussed the matter through the lens of research on humans, while Prof. Rufin Vogels introduced research in macaques. For its part, Prof. Martin Giese explored the theoretical computational research on body perception.

The talks from experts in the field were also complemented by presentations from early-career researchers in the area, having the opportunity to introduce and elaborate on some of their ongoing research projects.

The symposium was an opportunity to get an overview of the current major issues in neuroscientific body perception research.

Maastricht University (UM) takes primary responsibility for two key parts of the GuestXR project. UM leads the psychological and neuroscientific investigation of social interaction and group dynamics, focusing primarily on body language. The university also coordinates the implementation of an “Ethics-by-Design” methodology, which will be used throughout the project, in order to ensure that ethics are a key consideration in all aspects of GuestXR.