Sharing GuestXR research during a conference on the use of the metaverse in the legal sector

Mel Slater, GuestXR Technical Coordinator and Investigator and Co-director of the Event Lab of the University of Barcelona, participated in the conference “Metaverse for Dummies – a legal approach for beginners”, held on February 8th, 2024, at the facilities of the University of Alicante (Spain).

During the event, Mel Slater delivered a talk entitled “Immersive technologies: benefits and challenges”, where he talked about the metaverse and the benefits and challenges that it comes with. He also shared some of the work carried out within GuestXR related to virtual reality technologies.

This conference was organised by the Academic Chair for the Responsible Development of the Metaverse of the University of Alicante, on the occasion of its first anniversary.

Its aim was to identify some of the issues that may arise in the daily life of corporate lawyers, as virtual worlds and immersive technologies begin to become widespread.