Workshop: The role and opportunity of AI in haptics

Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) have significantly accelerated the development of haptic technologies, creating innovative solutions for tactile sensing, texture synthesis, and haptic communication.

Recent research also demonstrates AI’s role in haptic communication, where it can prescribe the most effective tactile feedback for a given multisensory environment.

Evidently, this synergy between AI and haptics is fostering more immersive and interactive media experiences, making virtual environments more convincing and engaging.

We believe that the current state of the art is ripe with opportunities, such as enhancing remote collaboration through more expressive haptic signals or creating more accessible interfaces for individuals with visual impairments.

However, this frontier also poses considerations around the responsible research (RR) and ethical use of AI in artificial touch, data privacy, and the need for standards in haptic device interoperability.

Join us at this workshop, organised by GuestXR and TOUCHLESS, two of the projects conforming the SECTG cluster, where we will delve into these developments, presenting cutting-edge research and fostering dialogue on the future of haptics in AI. Through expert presentations and an interactive panel discussion, we will explore the current landscape and forecast the transformative impact of AI on haptic technology.

June 30, 2024, in Lille (France)


Introduction and welcome

Part 1 – Chaired by Justine Sait-Aubert

Tactile Sensing – Heather Culbertson

Texture Synthesis – Ercan Altinsoy

AI for Multimodal Touch – Amir Amedi

Short break

Part 2 – Chaired by Claudio Pacchierotti

Ethics of Artificial Touch – Patrick Haggard

Multisensory Design – Marianna Obrist

Haptic Helix Innovation Platform – Iria Loucaidou

Short break

Part 3 – Chaired by Orestis Georgiou

Panel discussion