Presenting a GuestXR paper at the 23rd ACM IVA Conference

Alon Shoa, Master Student from the Advanced Reality Lab – Reichman University, has presented a scientific paper based on GuestXR during the 23rd ACM International Conference on Intelligent Virtual Agents, taking place between September 19th-22nd in Würzburg (Germany).

The article, entitled “Sushi with Einstein: Enhancing Hybrid Live Events with LLM-Based Virtual Humans”, presents the behind-the-scenes work of a panel session featuring a virtual Albert Einstein as a panelist based on a large language model (LLM), alongside three international experts having a live conference panel discussion.

The panel session took place during the Symposium on Artificial Intelligence organised by the Advanced Reality Lab of Reichman University, in collaboration with the Sammy Ofer School of Communication on on April 23rd, 2023. The VR discussion was broadcast live on stage, and a moderator was able to communicate with both the live audience, the virtual world participants, and the virtual agent (Einstein).

The paper also provides lessons learned from the implementation and from the live production, and discusses the potential and pitfalls of using LLM-based virtual humans for multi-user VR in live hybrid events.

You can access the full paper here:



Moreover, Alon Shoa showcased this innovative technology to the conference attendees within the demo session of the event, taking place on September 21st.

The annual conference on Intelligent Virtual Agents (IVA) is the premier international event for interdisciplinary research on the design, application, and evaluation of Intelligent Virtual Agents (IVAs) with a specific focus on the ability to socially interact.