Presenting GuestXR research during a keynote speech at the Web3D conference

The GuestXR project was presented during the 28th International Conference on 3D Web Technology (Web3D), celebrated on October 9th-11th, 2023, in San Sebastian (Spain).

Mel Slater, GuestXR Technical Coordinator and Investigator and Co-director of the Event Lab of the University of Barcelona, delivered a keynote speech entitled “Multi-person shared virtual environments, and implications for the metaverse”, on October 11th.

In this lecture, he introduced the history of shared VR and the latest research done in the GuestXR project, combining virtual meetings with machine learning to address problems that may occur.

Within GuestXR, a machine learning agent called “The Guest” can examine participants’ individual and group behaviour by drawing on existing theoretical models from the neuroscience and social psychology standpoint, thus helping people achieve their meeting goals.

The Web3D conference addressed an extensive range of research, development, and practices related to several 3D application domains including the metaverse.