Adapting VR environment into 3D restaurant for a newspaper interview

GuestXR project researchers from the Event Lab of the University of Barcelona developed a 3D Virtual Reality restaurant environment for a Financial Times newspaper interview. The environment is based on “VR United”, a VR technology created by Drs Ramon Oliva, Alejandro Beacco, and Jaime Gallego under the European Research Council Research project MoTIVE led by research Prof. Mel Slater.

The interview, between the world-renowned philosopher David Chalmers and Finacial Times journalist John Thornhill took place entirely in a shared Virtual Reality environment resembling a Sushi restaurant, with the participants in New York and London, and the recording carried out by two people in Barcelona.

The participants were represented by avatars that closely resembled themselves, based on single frontal photographs in each case. This video, made by Raul Gallego Abellan, documents the making of a journalistic interview with Virtual Reality, pushing the boundaries of this technology into new sectors of application.