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D3.4 Representation of Self - initial report - Executive Summary

The Guest should have as one of its possible actions to transform the representation of the participants, both how they see themselves and how others see and hear them. This can be done straightforwardly in VR, but in AR people will see their own body. In this case we carried out research to assess the extent to which the body can be transformed by virtual visual display overlaying the real body, and through the reflection of the virtual body in reflective surfaces, both real and virtual. These will be realised at the technical level, and then we will study the extent to which there is transformed body ownership corresponding to results obtained with virtual reality. Hence, this task involves the carrying out of experiments to examine the extent to which results found for body transformation in VR will also hold in AR. In particular, we examine whether the well-established result that implicit racial bias is reduced through embodiment of White people in a Black virtual body carries over to AR. There will also be studies that use the same technique of embodiment with respect to gender bias. Such body transformation possibilities will form part of the actions available to the Guest and may be of particular use in situations of abuse or conflict. (D3.4, D3.8).