GuestXR project kicks-off!

The GuestXR project has kicked off with the objective to develop an immersive virtual social space anchored in extended reality. It will feature a machine learning agent designed to unlock interactions between participants and help them achieve their goals while it additionally supports addressing conflicts in virtual environments

A machine learning system called ‘The Guest’ is to be devised as an agent that can examine participants’ individual and group behaviour by drawing on existing theoretical models from the neuroscience and social psychology standpoint. Deep Learning will also give it the ability to learn over time and become more effective in terms of social interaction. 

The intervention of the machine learning system will be initially tested in situations that may generate conflict, or interactions involving participants with communication problems or in contexts that trigger debate such as climate change. Various proof-of-concept applications will be developed in this area such as one for conflict resolution in partnership with the United Nations. 

Finally, there will be two open calls to include other innovative use cases to check the system’s effectiveness. One addressed to the general society (including companies, associations, etc.) and the other one specifically addressed to people from the art world. 

The consortium of the project is formed by four universities (the University of Maastricht, the University of Warsaw, the University of Barcelona and the Reichman University), two research institutes (Inria and Eurecat,) and two businesses (Virtual Bodyworks and g.tec medical engineering GMBH) are also partnering the project.