GuestXR real-time pre-processing module introduced during the BCI & Neurotechnology Spring School 2023

Dr. Christopher Guger, CEO & Founder of g.tec medical engineering GmbH, has participated in the BCI & Neurotechnology Spring School 2023, celebrated in a virtual format on April 17th-26th.

During his speech, entitled “The brain-computer interface Universe”, he introduced g.tec’s task within the GuestXR project regarding a real-time pre-processing module that removes artifacts from electroencephalography signals.

Within GuestXR, g.tec contributes on social and affective modelling by developing an electrophysiology training environment that allows recording different biosignals to distinguish and classify affective categories.

The Spring School was g.tec’s educational highlight of the year. More than 15.000 professionals participated from 113 countries, making it the biggest neurotechnology event of the world.