Presentation of GuestXR in a keynote during the ICIR 2022 conference

The GuestXR project has been presented in a keynote by Mel Slater, GuestXR Technical Coordinator and Investigator and Co-director of the Event Lab of the University of Barcelona, during the IEEE 2nd International Conference on Intelligent Reality (ICIR 2022), running virtually on December 14th-16th.

On his speech, entitled “Reinforcing and Eliciting Behaviour in Virtual Reality”, he presented GuestXR to the audience, focusing on how ideas based on Artificial Intelligence are central to the project’s research.

Mel Slater also described a number of applications where reinforcement learning has been used for influencing the human participants in virtual environments towards particular actions, as well as for gathering information from them.

Download here the slides presented:

The ICIR 2022 event aims at identifying the challenges and opportunities inherent in deploying intelligent tools and interactive disruptive technologies into immersive environments, providing a forum for leading researchers, industry professionals, and standards experts to share their research findings and ideas.