Presentation of the GuestXR project at the DIGEING Conference

Mel Slater, GuestXR Technical Coordinator and Investigator and Co-director of the Event Lab of the University of Barcelona, has disseminated the GuestXR project at the Digital Media & Human Well-Being (DIGEING) Conference, organised by the Institute of Complex Systems of Paris IDF (ISC-PIF). The conference has been celebrated in a hybrid format on December 5th-6th in Paris, France.

During his presentation, entitled “Immersive Social Media and the Metaverse”, Mel Slater presented GuestXR to the audience and discussed the fundamental assumptions that triggered the project. Specifically, he explained how “The Guest”, a machine learning agent to facilitate social interaction to foster social harmony, is conceived to help a group of people in an Extended Reality (XR) meeting to help them realise its purpose.

Down below you can download the slides displayed at Mel Slater’s presentation:

The Digital Media & Human Well-Being (DIGEING) explored how an interdisciplinary collaboration of neurosciences and cognitive sciences, computer science, artificial intelligence and network sciences, social psychology, philosophy, behavioural economics and law can address the opportunities and challenges presented by digital online media and by the ubiquitous presence of digital media and screens in our environments.