GuestXR discussed during workshop on the use of AI in Arts and Humanities

The GuestXR project was recently discussed during roundtable sessions at the Royal Academy of Engineering in London. The discussions took place as part of the wider workshop “How can the Arts and Humanities shape of AI future?

Darian Meacham, Associate Professor, and Dani Shanley, Postdoc researcher from the University of Maastricht attended the workshop, addressing questions such as how academics, artists and data scientists might work together in the development of Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions. For example, such as “The Guest” from the GuestXR project, which is an AI agent that learns over time how to intervene and improve social interactions in VR.

During the workshop, attended by about 30 participants, discussions revolved around what the arts and humanities can bring to the table and how they might help make AI developments more just, trustworthy, and responsible. A number of methods using participatory, performance-based and other creative approaches were also presented.

Within GuestXR, an ethics-by-design approach is being implemented for the inclusion of AI in Virtual Reality environments. The approach will help draw attention to topics such as accessibility, data privacy, system architecture, governance, and behavioural change, embedding ethical reflection throughout the project. 

The workshop was organised under the framework of the project grant AH/W00769X/1 of the  Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC), which funds world-class and independent research in subjects from philosophy and the creative industries, to art conservation and product design.