Maastricht University (UM)

Maastricht University (UM) is the most international university in the Netherlands, with more than half of the student population and almost half of the academic staff coming from abroad. Together, they represent more than 100 different nationalities. The university distinguishes itself with its innovative education model, international character and multidisciplinary approach to research and education. 

UM houses the Brain and Emotion Laboratory within the Faculty of Psychology and Neuroscience. The Lab has significant experience in neuroscientific and psychological research on emotional bodily expression, as well as the neural underpinnings of bodily perception.  

The Science and Technology Studies research group (MUSTS) at The Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences has experience connecting academic knowledge and expertise in data science with societal needs, exploring themes related to the socially responsible application of digital technologies.  

Contribution to GuestXR

UM takes primary responsibility for two key parts of the GuestXR project. UM will lead the psychological and neuroscientific investigation of social interaction and group dynamics, focusing primarily on body language. The university will also coordinate the implementation of an “Ethics-by-Design” methodology, which will be used throughout the project, in order to ensure that ethics are a key consideration in all aspects of GuestXR.