GuestXR-project future application in healthcare presented at local Medical VR conference

Amir Amedi, Professor at the School of Psychology of the Reichman University, presented GuestXR project case study to improve accessibility to VR for people with visual and auditive difficulties during the conference Advances in Medical VR as part of The Medical XR Forum. The event was held on November 27th, 2022, at the Reichman University, in Israel.

Amedi explained the development within the project of touch hardware solutions for hearing and impaired individuals, aiming to promote their social inclusion in VR environments, as well as boosting the abilities of individuals with good hearing to communicate efficiently with individuals with hearing loss. The solution will combine voice analysis tools, multisensory devices and displays with multisensory training protocols and interfaces.

Through this conference, GuestXR partners connected with national communities and enlarged the groups aware about the project potential benefits for medicine and healthcare. This local stakeholder event also served to gather feedback and foster improvements based on co-creation.

The conference has been participated by top-notch experts in this field, who shared their expertise on different topics like solutions based on Virtual Reality to help prevent delirium among older patients, Artificial Intelligence, Medical Decision-Making or the future of healthcare.