Presentation of GuestXR project in a lecture at Harvard University

Mel Slater, GuestXR Technical Coordinator from the University of Barcelona, has delivered this Friday 26th of April 2022 an online talk to a graduate class of Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts (United States).

The lecture, called “Presence, Body Ownership and Vicarious Agency: Illusions of Virtual Reality”, included results from GuestXR, a project developing a machine learning agent to address conflicts and unlock interactions in extended reality environments. The students also learned about the research beyond the state of the art that GuestXR is carrying on.

This Harvard course, called “Towards a New Science of Design?”, discusses contemporary design practices, research methods and discourses informed by Neuroscience, Behavioral Psychology, Human-Computer Interaction and Philosophy of the Mind.

The University of Barcelona is participating in the GuestXR project as technical coordinators though its Event Lab, which is part of the Institute of Neuroscience of the University and specialises in virtual reality and its applications in psychology and neuroscience. Its research is concentrated around effective virtual human characters to represent people in virtual reality and also on conflict resolution.