Presentation of the GuestXR hearing impaired use case in WCA 2022

The GuestXR project has been present in the XXXV World Congress of Audiology (WCA 2022) celebrated on the 10th-13th of April in Warsaw, Poland.

Project partners Umut Sayin, researcher at Eurecat Multimedia Technologies Unit, and Amir Amedi, Professor in the School of Psychology in Reichman University, participated in a panel discussion called “Novel technologies for the hearing impaired and deaf patients: from animal neuroscience to human perception”, where one of the use cases being developed in GuestXR, a social application for hearing impaired participants, was mentioned.

On the other hand, Umut Sayin displayed the poster “Synthesized Virtual Sound Environments for Hearing Aids Research”, where he presented a toolset to incorporate real-life conditions in the design, test and fitting of Hearing Aids (HA).

You can download the poster here.

Additionally, Amir Amedi gave a keynote lecture named “How Technology, Life Experiences, and Imagination Shape Brain Specialization and Can be Used for Visual and Auditory Impairments”.

The GuestXR social application for the hearing impaired participants aims to promote the social inclusion of the hearing-impaired individuals in VR and AR, as well as boosting the abilities of individuals with good hearing to communicate efficiently with individuals with hearing loss, by combing voice analysis tools, multisensory devices and displays with multisensory training protocols and interfaces.