Uniwersytet Warszawski

The research in GuestXR will be carried out by the team of the Robert Zajonc Institute for Social Studies (ISS) University of Warsaw, especially by the Center for Complex Systems and New Technologies. ISS is an interdisciplinary research-oriented institution grouping sociologists, psychologists, economists, and political scientists. The main objective of the institute are to monitor social, political and economic processes of societies in transition and to promote interdisciplinary approach in studying these processes. The ISS is a national member of the Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research. The ICPSR is the world’s largest institution (developed in the US) collecting data from all sociological, economic and political investigations and protecting high quality standards of data collection and processing. It provides its members with unlimited access to these data. Robert Zajonc Institute for Social studies is a curator of many longitudinal social surveys studies including all the polish waives of World Values Survey, International Social Survey, Social Diagnosis, European Social Survey.


Center for Complex Systems and New Technologies at ISS is primarily responsible for conducting the research in GuestXR specializes in applying complexity approach and new technologies to understand social and behavioural processes and phenomena. The researchers associated with the Center come from different backgrounds including social psychology, computer science, physics, biology, and cognitive science. The Center has experience with applying social science knowledge to understand social aspects of new technologies and to address problems and enhance opportunities created by new technologies.

Contribution to GuestXR

UW will work with UM on the psychological and neuroscientific investigation of social interaction and group dynamics. An important task involves the design and implementation of the simulations of social processes occurring in VR, where the simulations will be the base for the pre-learning phase of deep learning algorithms. UW will work with Reichman University in designing the Guest. UW is also involved in use cases, where it is primarily responsible for the climate change usecase.